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● Duval Mine Rd, Sahuarita [Pima Co], AZ USA [el. 882 m / 2893 ft] view location in Google Maps » ● 11/06/10 10:01AM sunny, air temp: 24°C / 76°F

[IMAGE 1 of 5] Whenever we approached either of the two P. bicolor nests at this location, one or two workers would immediately climb a grass stem and remain there, while appearing to watch us closely. Occasionally, the mandibles would be opened in a feeble defensive display. The rest of the workers (on the ground) went about their business, and ignored us completely. As mentioned earlier, the ants made no attempt to bite or sting, no matter how closely we approached. The very fine and silky-looking surface sculpture can also be seen in these images.

From Pogonomyrmex bicolor